A Tiring Accident

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

After arrived at my hometown, I confused about how to bring all of my bags. But then my father came and managed the bags. Even so, I was really suffering while bringing my bags. Suddenly, when it was still halfway home, we run off the gasoline. Aaakh! It was 4.00 in the morning! Finally we dicided to walk, looked for someone who sell it, but nothing there.

It was really tiring! Then my dad tried to turn on the machine, it worked! Without wasted any seconds, we directly continued our journey to home while still looked around if there was any gasoline seller. Fortunately, our motor really dead only 10 meter from a gasoline seller….

Really thankfull because we still can go home with all that difficulties. But still because of that accident, I got backache … =,=

Really, I don’t want it happen again to me….