An Old Man on the Bus

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

Last night was my last journey to Jogja from my beloved school, Kharisma Bangsa. I was the last person who left girl’s dormitory that time. It was really sad if I remember that I will never go back to live again there with my beloved grade 12. But, it was the reality, I have to go forward, because there always something waiting for me out there.

Yeah, that was the preface, but actually I don’t want to talk about that. The one that I want to tell you all is an old man beside me on the bus. At first I was afraid because I thought that the old man was little weird, but as soon as we talked, those thought vanished. He was really kind. We talked through the street, and then he fell asleep. I got nothing to do after those conversations. So, when many singing beggars came, without thinking I gave them many coins. I didn’t know that the old man noticed me.

After some other came, the old man said to me, “Enough, you should give them more.”

“It’s okay,” I said. I also thought that it was no problem, I have many coins that I won’t to use. Yeah, the conversation finished just like that.

Few minutes later another one came in. She sang some songs and walked along the bus. When she approached my seat, I took some coins, but the old man beside me snudged my hand with his elbow, not to give her any. But yeah, I still took some. When the singing beggar came, before I gave, he gave her first and just smiled to me. I smiled back to him. After that, no one came in our bus….

*I wrote this one month ago =P