by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

Yuri POV

I was in a hurry that morning. I have class at 9.00 am and it was already 8.30 am. Yeah, there wasn’t any tolerancy in my department, if you were late, you couldn’t enter the room, and immediately got scold.

“Aaakh…. How can I wake up late?!” I cursed myself and immediately running downstairs.

I live in an apartment in the middle of Tokyo City, and here in Tokyo everything running fast. It was hard to adjust with that kind of situation, but after 2 months, finally I became used to with that.

“Ohayou…,” our apartment resepsionist greeted me. I just bow and passed by while she only chuckled seeing me. They became used to seeing me running in the morning to reach the bus stop before 8.45 am. It was the last bus to go to my university if I didn’t want to be late.

I looked at my watch, it was already 8.04 am, and I need 7 minutes to reach the bus stop. I run faster while my hands grabbing my bag and a paper tube, 2 sketch books and some A3 sketch papers. Those were really difficult to bring while running. Yeah, you can imagine that.

“Ah, one more cross road,” I whispered to myself and kept my speed.

Actually my apartment wasn’t that far from bus stop, but to arrive there, you need to pass many cross road and it was really wasting time because I couldn’t just running in my full speed.

A, a, brake! Brake! I said to myself while decrease my speed and turned to right.


I hit someone and both of us fell down. All of my stuffs also fell and spreaded everywhere. I startled seeing them, and started to down.

“Are you okay?” asked the one who bumped on me. I just nodded without looked at him. But at the moment I knew I have to gather all my stuffs and hurry ran to the bus stop. So I immediately did that and he helped me doing that.

In a minute everything finished. I immediately looked at my watch, there is still 4 minutes left before the bus came. So I just stood up and started to run again.

“Hei! Are you really okay?” he asked me.

Still running, I turned my head and for the first time saw his face. He had brown straight hair and very adorable smile. “I’m okay. Thanks for worrying me!” I shouted and still looked at him for some more seconds. But then I saw the bus had just turned from a junction in distance, so I run faster.


I didn’t know who that girl was, but I had just bumped on her and made a fuse on her. I thought that she was in a hurry because she didn’t even care about herself and just taking her stuffs. And at the time she had been running to a bus stop about 70 m from our apartment.

“Senpai! What are you doing? Come on!” Yuki called me. Ah I had just remembered that we were going to have our schedule.

“Hai, I’m coming!” I glanced to him and kept looking at the girl who almost reached the bus stop. She was almost late if she arrived a minute after that. I insensibly smiled seeing her. Yeah, I didn’t know who she was, but if I got change to meet her again, I’d like to.

“Ah!” my eyes stop at a small sketch book under the tree. I took it and looked at the cover. “Yuri,” I read, and then opened it. There were many beautiful sketchs inside that made me amazed. “Aaah, this must belongs to her,” I whispered to myself and then looked up toward the bus stop in distance.

“Senpai? What is that?” Yuki walked closer while pointing to the book.

“Ah, someone fell this.”

“Do you know the person?”

“Yeah, and I think she may come back here again,” I said more to myself than to Yuki. I stared at the bus stop in distance, and I didn’t understand, why I did really hope that there would be a girl who running from there at the time….

to be continue…?