Edited without Photoshop

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

This is my editing long ago before I know Photoshop. It was edited only with Paint and ACDsee Pro Application, the two simplest editors. Ahahaha…. But I tried my best on it and felt great when finally I could edit it well. ^^

But yeah, now when I’ve already know Photoshop a little; I began to edit with it. More enjoying but also more complex, and without realized it, sometimes I spent many hours editing something. It was fun and became funnier when I knew the whole applications there.

And now, I’d like to say thank you to Afu Senpai who introduced it for the first time and thank you for Muti and Heidy who made me knew about it better. Without all of you, I’d never know how fun was editing photo and picture. Hehehe…. ^^

This is the original photo before got edited