The Guitar

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

If I’m not mistaken, one day before I’ve ever told you that I was really obsessed to study playing guitar. Yeah I was, and of course I don’t forget it until now.

Little different from my senior high school’s life, here I got no ‘teacher’ to teach me guitar. I was feed up asking many people but got no respond. So I decided to study my self with my-old-and-half-broken-guitar. Sometimes it sounds weird and getting messy, but at least I can practice a little with it. It can make my finger more usual to hold the guitar, so when I find a good guitar I can directly practice with it. Hehehhe….

When I see this, I’ll directly miss my room at the dormitory

Guess what, this photo was taken after I pray. It was my friend’s guitar in dormitory that I usually used to practice playing guitar. A dark-red semi-electric-guitar that was very amazing and beautiful. It was the same with a guitar that I mentioned in one of my short stories, titled ‘Gitar Merah’. Felt great when I could find imaginer thing in reality. ^^

But as I said before, unfortunately I don’t have the same at home.