Sketch book

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

Introducing to you the new page of this blog… 🙂

My commercial page, which i called it as sketch bookbecause that is about sketching your face….

Here the step to order:

  1. Sent the photo you want me to draw to my e-mail:, also with your number phone and your address
  2. It’s better if the photo present in a good quality of photo, so the sketch will be more maximal
  3. The product of sketch is in hard copy, the size of paper can be requested
  4. The guarantee of the picture is within 3 days after i sent the scanned drawing
  5. The sketch will be send to your home address or any address you give to me, with the figure also
  6. The price i give to you is not include the cost of deliver it

cho kyu hyun

picture example

The price:

  1. A4 paper 1 face: 100.000
  2. A4 paper 2 face: 175.000
  3. A4 paper more than 2 face: 50.000+(50.000xface)
  4. A3 paper 1 face: 150.000
  5. A3 paper 2 face: 250.000
  6. A3 paper more than 2 face: 80.000+(75.000xface)

So, just sent and order your own sketching… 🙂