beauty, in a perspective

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

For some (or let me say most of people), beauty is particularly important.

You could say that love comes to everyone, yet, you can’t deny that love comes to the beautiful one at the first touch. Meanwhile, the other else just pay attention from the corner of a room. Some of them gone immediately and doing on what they are really mastered at, but some of them remain watching and commiserating them self.

See, you may say that beauty is no important, that it’s not the main point of your choice over somebody, but inside, it does bring many excuses over a girl, or a man. Just let me show you the case;

There are two girls, with the same ability on something. At your first sight, you’ll just glance to the beautiful one automatically. Some people ask questions, and even the other girl could answer it well, they pretend that it should be the beautiful one who has to answer. In other case, when an ordinary girl lets something fall, some of them will be like ‘Why did you let it fall? See, it’s broken now’. But when the suspected person is the beautiful one, they’ll just like ‘Oh unfortunately it’s broken, but it’s okay’. That is also happening to girls over a man. We did something alike at first sight.

It’s okay for me, because naturally, people like something beautiful; nature, people, craft, and many other things. We can’t deny that beauty has a magical thing to make people glance at them. It seems like it has a spell to make people give more attention to them.

Hence, I just want to say, to never stop a girl who wants to be more beautiful in the way they’ve chose. I won’t say that using make up or any other artificial way is a good choice, but it’s not a bad thing at all.

I just wonder, why people keep saying something bad about being more beautiful, while at the same time they can’t help them with this trivial thing. In many cases, there must be something important so that a person decided to change their style or their physical appearance. There must be a big reason behind. Hence, to decide it, some people need more courage to throw away their shyness. Moreover, they keep thinking about the bullying moment they’ll get after their alteration.

People said that beauty is pain, but at the same level, being not beautiful also painful. Just don’t be hesitating to praise someone over their beauty, or their inner beauty. Never treat them bad just because they don’t have some physical beauty to be seen.

Some girls lost their confidence just because people keep saying that they’ll never be more beautiful even after tried so many ways. Some other didn’t even listen to these kinds of people, but there are some others who really impacted by this kind of statement.

This is not really important to be read, but my mind keeps monologue these words, and so I wrote these down here.