just another KKN thing

by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

It’s been a year since I had my social development service which often called as KKN (kuliah kerja nyata), and let say that since back then, I did never tell even a story about this thing here. It’s something disgrace thing upon my whole university activities. I don’t know, I was dissatisfied with everything about it, the preparation, the process, and the post activities. Moreover, those all make me never be proud of what I’ve had done for about 50 days.

Nonetheless, I want to tell all of my feelings about this activity back then, just to throw away the shame that I’ve felt about it. It maybe seems strange for some people, because many (or most) of my friends did never over think about that matter, they did even forget the activities which been lead by them along the program. Most of them pretended that everything had been over right after they got the score. Just like that.


It was all begin exactly a year ago, when I decided to take this KKN thing after postpone it for about a year. That, made me had to join the program with my juniors because I was about at my 4th year and the program should be for the 3rd year students. Even so, that was okay for me.

At first, I joined a group which are about to go to Raja Ampat. Actually, I did never choose this group myself. I accidently met the program leader and voila, I joined them. But we had problem in the middle of the way; we were being rejected, and yes, we had to choose at the time, still be a group and seek for a new place, or just went by our self? I chose to go by myself.

I confidently chose the 2nd region, which made me automatically chose a place outside Yogyakarta and being ready to be placed wherever they wanted to. That was just because I haven’t had a group before, and just randomly (while hoping that the fortune would come to me; but I was wrong) chose a placement.

Days passed, and tarararara, my placement finally being decided. I got a new group, and did really looking forward to it. But then, I realized that we were all an unwanted person, in a wasted group. We didn’t even had a kormanit (let say a leader) while the other group already had one since they proposed to the university. We didn’t know who was our lecturer companion, didn’t even know at which village we would stay and done the programs, and didn’t even know the main program. We knew nothing about it, while the departure days are left for 2 weeks.

But then, after this and that awkward moment between one another, or many other things that happen among total strangers, we finally knew each other better. I’d being placed at the most primitive place; with no internet connection, no television signal, less electricity, and we didn’t even have private room for the girls. But that was the best thing actually, because I changed a lot during the program. We had many things to do in case to exchange the lack of facilities; cooking class at noon, playing cards until 2 am, jogging in front of the airport, badminton, and so on.

Our main program was about animal husbandry and it mean that our veterinarian students were the most important part of this program. While at the time, there were only 3 of them existed between us, haha. We did most of the programs together, since we only have 19 people in the group. Some of the program really needed help, but some others could be done alone.

Me myself have (I forgot how many of it) some programs which mostly could be done by myself. Making some posters (and help others too), mathematic class, crafting session, designing integration cow house, making village map, etc, etc. Not something great, not really important, and I did even think that it was all just wasted programs. But I tried to keep going, and did the best on it. I did my programs at night, and helped others at noon. We woke up early and often had jogging session at 5 am, shopping for food ingredients, cooked the breakfast, cleaned the house, and finally executed the programs. Every day was fun.

I will not tell the whole story ‘cause my lack of English skill, but I’d like to show you some photos of us.

carnival (one of my favorite non program activity)

carnival (one of my favorite non program activity)

We made that ‘gunungan’ for about 3 days without sleep. But the funniest part was that we were one of two participants (while there are 40+ participant) which had a mascot. We got the third place for this. Haha…

independence day's celebration games

independence day’s celebration games

I turn to remember my childhood at the time. We played all day and didn’t get bored.


After a year had been passed, now I conclude that, this program will never be sustain in the real meaning of sustain. That was just a starting point to make us learned how to give more to our surrounding; to our society. I learned (and feel shame at the same time) from the programs I’ve been done, comparing to my friends and my seniors.

I do really hope that someone would take me away to do something important, because I’m never be able to go alone. I keep looking forward for it, but no one comes and gives me a hand.


#and last, it’s very important to know your friends well, and be socialized with the society at the place you live in