by nuzuli ziadatun ni'mah

It’s only by aging that we can be more in touch with our inner power

__Yazeemimah Rossi

So, growing is a journey of diving to the deepest part of our heart. Sometimes we heard a quote that “age just a number!”, but you couldn’t put away the fact that you are getting older and older. After day by day looking at how this world is moving, how people’s moving, how everything’s moving, I found out that every person has their own disappointment. Thinking more about that, I realize that it was really non-sense! How could every people disappointed to themselves but jealous with other which was disappointed to themselves too?

Day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, we are changing; our soul sings in its own way, our body moves in its own rhythm, and even our consciousness has its own moves. We dance in our self with those things being linked in together, moving without rules, knowing nothing but keep moving. We met everything that made us confuse, mad, happy, sad, or every kind of feeling that you ever felt. Hence, the person is still you! That so wonderful to think.

Maybe I am really proud to say that my age stopped at 23, but in fact, I do enjoy the feeling of surprise everytime I found something new within me. The change in my voice, the new line on my face, the changing part of my body, the new opinion that came up in sudden, the moment of stillness, the will to seek more things, to deal with the growing, to deal with the 24-hours-a-day trap, the time I have a conversation with someone I never knew before, or everything that I’ve been thinking once or something truly new. We have those wonder every time we finish with one questioning thing.

Life is a trap, but the trap could lead us to a wonderful journey.

Those words really sound so cliche, but what else that we asked for? Those words only meant when we really mean it. And well, there are maybe something worth to be left behind or keeping it as a memory rather than keeping it as a question. And there is maybe a new chance of growing better in a more challenging way. There, we grow up, we dive deeper than ever.

leave it all behind,